Jules et Films is the fruit of the collaboration between Jonathan Boissay, a journalist and sound engineer and Ana Dumitrescu, a photographer, writer and film director, both having a longer than 10-year-experience in the field of information.
After a 6-year collaboration on several feature documentaries, such as “Khaos, the Human Faces of the Greek Crisis” in 2012 and “Même pas Peur !” in 2015, they have decided to team-up their efforts in producing feature documentaries focused on Eastern European and Balkan topics.

Website: www.julesetfilms.com

Jonathan Boissay
Jonathan Boissay started his career as a freelance journalist for several newspapers and TV channels in France. The narrowness of the news field made him turn to the feature documentaries. He met Ana Dumitrescu in 2011. They worked together on “Khaos,” her first feature documentary. Passionate of sound effects, he would specialize in movie-sound techniques. Ever since, he has collaborated as a sound engineer and assistant director in each of Ana Dumitrescu’s movies. In 2016, he decided to settle in Romania having become a partner in the “Jules et Films”
film-production company.